A thin line for black Male masculinity? People are bashing a 13 year old photography of fragile black men.

 "Boys Don't Cry" is a portrait series created by a female Broward resident that is known by her Twitter handle @nefipierre. The 13-year-old portrait series has gone viral amassing over 29k RTs and 59k likes. Her portraits depict black males in less masculine attire, for example, nail polish, roses, and hair beads. Her photography questions the subject of black males unspoken of "softer side". Often in the black male community, sensitivity and kindness are looked down upon. Even in this day-of-age of ecstatic rappers, masculinity in the black community is still established. Her portraits have proven this even further with some of the horrible responses she gets. Like the response from Hal Jordan quoting the tweet saying disgustingly

Hal Jordan - "Look at these bitch ass niggas"

or 216_champ

Cavs 2017 Champs - "Why is there an obsession with making the black man seem as soft and feminine as possible. You don't see other races doing this."


There is much more out there but you get the gist of it. What do you think about black male masculinity? 

Link to tweet https://twitter.com/nefipierre/status/850478309989376002